Why The Airbus A380 Died


It has been a sad week for Aviation geeks. Airbus announced that its A380 production line will close in 2021, once the final aircraft have been delivered.

This massive and iconic jet is recognisable from the logo, usually, the Emirates logo, which you can see from underneath the plane is it flies over you. Passengers love the plane; If you fly Emirates in Business Class you should always choose the A380. Bars and showers make it a ridiculous experience in the sky, but even Emirates is looking elsewhere, which means that last lifeline for the A380 has been pulled.

In total, there will only be around 250 of the biggest passenger planes in the world, a large number of which are operated by Emirates. In fact, the airline still had 53 planes on order, but, in a new agreement, Emirates will take just 14 A380s over the next two years.

Instead, it’s buying the smaller A330-900 and A350-900 which are more profitable for the airline as there are less seats to fill on each flight. So it is the size of the aircraft that has caused its demise.

Singapore Airlines has already terminated two of its earliest A380s which are scheduled to be scrapped with parts to be used for it’s existing fleet. Malaysia Airlines has converted some of its A380 planes to cater for high-density pilgrim flights branded Amal, to Saudia Arabia.

But is the death of this huge plane coming too soon? As air traffic grows and the number of slots at airports doesn’t grow as fast, maybe the A380 was a brilliant idea that happened 10 years too early?

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