Why Flying “Ghastly” Economy IS Better Than Flying Private Jet


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Prince Phillip said that flying in Economy “sounds ghastly” back in 2002, but I can give you some very good reasons for flying in Economy and why it is, in fact, better than flying on a private jet.


This is always the dealbreaker for me. Whether you are flying on your own private jet as Trump does or are sharing a jet by booking just a single a seat on a private jet flight, flying like this does not come cheap. In fact, it was recently estimated that Kim Kardashian spent 2 million on her latest private jet trip. Most of us simply don’t have this money to spare. Even if we did, it is surely more sensible to book onto a mainstream carrier and to spend your remaining cash on staying somewhere nice?


Private jets will take you to and from anywhere… for a price. But they don’t have the capacity to take you around the world. They are limited by having to fuel up, so even if you can afford to fly private, you will not get from London to Australia (for example) in one go.


If you book on a shared jet, you will be restricted from flying the routes specified by the jet company, much like you are with a standard carrier. Yes, you can avoid lengthy waits and customs checks if you fly private, but it is only if you rent out the whole plane that you get to go anywhere you want to go at any time.


If you travel on a legacy carrier like AA, Delta, United, or BA, there are security and passenger checks before the flight takes off. There are fewer or even no checks on passengers who fly on private jets, particularly if the flight remains in the same country. This can result in extremely bad situations. Just read about what happened in this terrifying private jet incident.

If flying by private jet is your dream, be careful about what you wish for. This incident was a nightmare scenario and the best reason in the world to squeeze into a sardine can Economy seat without moaning (much…).

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