The End Of The A380 Superjumbo?

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The Airbus A380 Superjumbo looks to be on it’s way out. This massive and iconic jet is recognisable from the logo, usually the Emirates logo, which you can see from underneath the plane is it flies over you.

But the Airbus A380 faces crisis. Their key customer, Emirates, looks to be increasingly hesitant in signing off it’s next order of these planes. You see, most carriers, including Emirates, are increasingly preferring smaller twin-engine planes which do the job for less money.

Most airlines, including Qantas, are happy with their current fleet of these beasts and are not looking to expand them. Qantas has 12 A380s and is not looking to buy any more of these planes. It prefers planes that can be used on a more diverse selection of routes.

Malaysia Airlines says they are too big and doesn’t even want the ones it has, and British Airways is also looking to expand its fleet of smaller planes rather than buying more of the hugely expensive A380.

Passengers love the plane; If you fly Emirates in Business Class you should always choose the A380. Bars and showers make it a ridiculous experience in the sky, but even Emirates is looking elsewhere, which means that last lifeline for the A380 may well be pulled altogether.

According to Aerotime, Emirates may well halt new A380 orders and amend these orders to smaller A350s.

What does this mean for the A380?

These massive jets will remain in the skies for a while longer but it looks likely that the production line will be reduced and even halted if Emirates doesn’t pull through with its order. My advice would be to fly one while you still can and before it goes the way of the original old jumbo jet planes, joining them in aircraft heaven.

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