Is American Airlines Burlesque Show Worse Than British Airways Used Tights Video?


Have you seen the outrageous American Airlines Burlesque flight attendant video? It’s a cringe-worthy performance which has concerned the APFA. The problem being the sexist nature of the show which has lead to many flight attendants being “outraged” by the performance.

They argue that this kind of show suggests that the attendants are ok with being viewed in this way. It highlights the degrading stereotype that female flight attendants have to suffer.

The video itself shows four women, including two off-duty American Airlines flight attendants, performing a burlesque-like routine and dancing. A large sign with an American Airlines insignia is displayed.

The performed took place last Saturday at a private event for about 90 American frequent fliers who met at a private home in Dallas. American had nothing to do with the video but did donate some frequent flier miles to the event to be auctioned for charity.

Most people agree that this sort of performance is not acceptable. Perhaps they received payment for the performance? It would be an explanation for the show.

Currently, the APFA is arguing for better salaries for its airline staff. It is common knowledge that flight attendants are not paid particularly well so perhaps this group of ladies was trying to earn an extra buck?

The British Airways Stewardess Who Smelled And Sold Used Tights

Recently, a British Airways stewardess performed a smelling and selling used tights video to earn some cash on the side. I for one feel it’s about time airlines started to paying flight attendants properly so that they don’t need to perform these types of unsavoury activities.

While the British Airways air hostess was definitely trying to earn some extra cash, partially as a result of her poor salary, we don’t know if the Burlesque performance was or wasn’t paid for. Make your own mind up on how OK it is by viewing the video here.

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