Gorgeous Female Pilots Who Are Massive On Instagram


Being a pilot has always been a sought after job. Nowadays there are more and more female pilots flying our planes. Some of the most glamorous of these pioneering ladies, in a job that used to be almost exclusively male, have been selected below. They have massive Instagram followings who follow their exotic lifestyles and travels around the world.

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Here are just a few female pilots who are already Instagram stars. We start with With @pilotmaria who has an enormous 534,000 followers and is definitely one of the most popular pilots on Instagram!

@pilot_lindy is on a mission to travel the world.

This Dutch beauty @echosierra85 flys a B737. Eser Aksan Erdogan is a 31-year-old pilot for Turkey’s low-cost Pegasus Airlines, piloting the Boeing 737 to locations in Europe and the Middle East.

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So this is my story, I started flying in January 2011, I finished flight school in January 2014, got a job as a First Officer in June 2014 and became a Boeing 737-800 Captain in January 2019. Flight school 🏫🛫 My Flight school took 3 years to graduate, which is a crazy long time, (normal ones finish between 1-2 years) so I’m obviously the wrong person if you ask about the right choice of flight schools. Medical conditions 🏥 google hospitals with aviation sections and ask advice from a physician. Money issues 💵 it’s is as simple as that, flying is expensive, there is no cheap way, see it as an investment in yourself. Study time 🕐 I have never studied this much in my life! You will have to finish 14 exams before you can receive a license. There are shortcuts and calculators for mathematics but without a proper level of English it will be really difficult, aviation is almost completely in English. Do your research before you quit your job or get yourself into a massive loan, take a flying lesson, (maybe you won’t even like it) go talk with several flight schools so you will have a better idea about the conditions and requirements. The job conditions depend on the country and company so it depends a bit on your luck 🍀 I hope this will be enough for now! All the best! #aviation #femalepilot #pilotlife #myjourney

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Eva Claire Marseille is a Hong Kong based Boeing 747 pilot who photographs and writes about her travels on @flywitheva

@mariathepilot is a Swedish full-time 737 airline pilot and camera nerd.

And just to even things out, here is a rather handsome male pilot. His Instagram feed @doyoufly_ puts your safety first and says his pictures are only taken during uncritical phases.

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