Disgusting! British Airways Business Class Brown Cracked Sink

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While Emirates offers showers in the sky, the revolting picture above shows the sink in the Business Class toilet on my last British Airways flight.

The comparison doesn’t look good for British Airways does it? And between you and me, the British Airways toilet didn’t smell great either.

This sink could be experienced on the BA A320 flight I reviewed out of Gatwick last week. Other than this cracked sink, the flight was great, but from my little knowledge of germs, the cracks in this sink would be very difficult to clean and the dirt in these cracks plus the brown coating the sink, (what even was that?) surely makes this sink and the whole toilet area unsavoury?

The good news is that, once the Club Europe curtain has been pulled across, this delightful front toilet becomes exclusively for Club Europe travellers which means there are no queues.

Unfortunately, the bonus of the huge amount of legroom I enjoyed on this particular flight, because it had not recently been refurbished with the densified layout, meant that the toilets had not been refurbished either.

I wish I could say the toilet was just small with white company smellies (liquid soap and moisturiser) but it was noteworthy in a bad way.

I couldn’t picture the unique scent in the cubicle but to try and explain it, I took my son in with me (it was a squeeze) as I don’t like him walking around the plane and being locked in a cubicle in the air on his own, and he felt the need to use my scarf as a face mask against the stench. I guess the smell was “old toilety” with a touch of the number 2. The toilet inside didn’t look clean either.

If the toilet hadn’t been horrible, I would have had nothing to complain about! But British Airways, if you are reading this article, your sink and toilet cubicles are definitely not acceptable in Business Class!

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