Danger Danger! Exploding Tyres At Airports Across The World

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This week, a 10 Tanker Air Carrier McDD DC-10 (N612AX) received damage to one of its tires during landing at Santiago de Chile Intl Airport (SCEL). Tyre debris spun off and damaged a flap as well. But this is nothing compared to the crazy footage of the exploding tires last week…

Here is the footage of the exploding tyre on an aircraft tug in Hong Kong. Luckily no-one was standing nearby.

Why Do We Not See More Tyre Blow Outs At Airports?

In the first moments after a plane touches down, the tires are skid rather than roll until their rotational speed matches that of the plane. Airliner tires are blown up to about 200 psi, or about six times the psi of a car tire. It is the high air pressure that gives airliner tires their strength and reduces blowouts to close to zero.

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Wheels pictured above from a Virgin Atlantic 747.

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