BEARZ Outdoor: Compact Travel Solutions For The Beach & Gym


There’s always something incredibly special about brands that focus on the great outdoors! As a consumer, it enhances your travels into a luxury expedition and unforgettable adventure. BEARZ Outdoor® is a small growing family business that focuses on nature and traveling. They provide quality products that you can use whether you’re at the beach, camping, hiking, or enjoying a nice day at the park. BEARZ products are designed for the solo traveler, adventurous couple, friends of nature, and loving family with pets included!

Microfibre towels are a travel accessory sent from the heavens. I take one with me whenever I’m by the poolside. The BEARZ Outdoor® Quick Dry Microfibre Towels are ultra-absorbent, antibacterial, fast-drying, and compact. These cleverly designed towels feature detachable hanging loops so you can simply clip, hang and leave them to dry, wherever you are. This set comes with a water-resistant carry bag with a clip, making them the ideal accessory for swimmers and campers. These towels are so popular they even hold the Amazon “Best Seller badge” in their category!

If you’re searching for a multipurpose outdoor blanket useful for outdoor adventures, BEARZ has something just for you. Their blanket is durable, lightweight, compact, waterproof, sand proof, and puncture-resistant, and folds up to fit right into the palm of your hand. This great 55 x 60 inch blanket has a clever design with corner pockets that you can fill up with sand or stones to keep it weighted to the ground. The pocket loops at each corner are ideal for camping stakes too. It can fit 2 people comfortably and up to 4 for a picnic. Each blanket comes with a matching colored pouch and carabiners. Choose between: sky blue, apple green, cherry red, sunny yellow, cotton candy pink, and digital camouflage. My personal favorite is the pink, but you can mix and match! So, just hook it onto your backpack, throw it in your bag or keep it in your car. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

Whether you’re lusting in luscious green woodland, hiking up a blissfully snowy mountain, or showering in a tropical rainforest waterfall, traveling with the handiness of BEARZ makes your experience just a little bit better. We love their products for their durable, lightweight, and compact features that make ideal accessories to take with us whilst jet-setting or adventuring.

Go into the wild… prepared and in style.

BEARZ Outdoor

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