Turd In Basin & Other Flight Stories


I am sorry, dear readers, to bring the disgusting human condition to your attention, but it would appear that some people are so lazy when they fly that they cannot be bothered to angle their bum 90% and to defecate in the correct portal.

In fact, this entire Instagram account @PassengerShaming is horrific and is well worth following if you want to be depressed by the depravity of humans.

I do however warn you that, like watching a horror movie late at night, these images stay with you. Just a week ago I was staying at the Hôtel Hermitage in Monaco (no they don’t pay me to keep mentioning them, this is simply one of my favourite hotels in the world!) and I convinced myself, in the middle of the night after one too many beers at Cafe De Paris, that there was a cockroach dawdling across the floor of the bathroom while I was sitting on the toilet.

I was panicked! Surely this couldn’t be happening at my favourite hotel? I needn’t have worried. I have terribly bad eyesight and the “cockroach” was, in fact, an earplug that had fallen out of my ear and was sitting on the floor in the corner of the dark bathroom. It was only my excessive consumption of strong lager that made me think the blasted thing was moving.

So if you do follow this feed, be advised that the imagery may stay with you long after you have shut your laptop…

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