The Most Stylish Flight Attendant Uniforms Of 2018


We have already investigated the most beautiful air hostess of 2018 and now we pick the best-looking airline uniforms. Clue: The best uniforms are not the disappointing new Delta uniforms or the itchy American Airlines uniforms.

Flying above the clouds takes you into an often glamorous world of transcontinental travel and this bright and exciting escape from the grey and the everyday monotony needs to be complemented by beautiful uniforms.

In our number one position is the Hainan Airlines uniforms that are so glamorous that they alone will cheer up your day. Delta and American are less than impressive by comparison. We have picked the best of the best when it comes to airline uniforms below;

Hainan Airlines Uniforms

Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines collaborated with designer Laurence Xu to debut its new uniforms at Paris Couture Week in 2017. The Hainan Airlines uber-glam uniforms combine classic Asian aesthetics with modern Western silhouettes.

Inspired by the ‘Cheongsam’, the female crew uniforms feature lots of traditional Chinese imagery, with alternating sea and mountains contrasts aat the base and clouds and sky on the collar. This draws a comparison between a Hainan aircraft that has just taken off and ‘the roc’, a mythical Chinese bird, expressing strength as it lifts into flight.

Vueling Uniforms

Talk about stylish! These grey and yellow outfits would look as good walking down the catwalk as up and down the aisle of a cabin. Vueling is a Spainish-based low-cost carrier. The company debuted these uniforms in 2015 and you can see more details on YouTube.

Turkish Airlines New Uniforms

You can take a look at the brand new Turkish Airlines uniforms here.The new uniforms from fashion designer Bilotta have been inspired by Istanbul’s spice markets, fusing of Eastern and Western influences, in acknowledgement of Turkey’s position on the map.

They say: “Unique and recognisable with a deep red and anthracite grey palette, the collection includes hats, gloves, dresses, bags and accessories. Another key aspect of the project is that the uniforms of cabin, cockpit, flying chefs, and ground services will be streamlined under a single design approach to offer the passengers to live a holistic brand experience. Bilotta’s designs bring together the form and function, an essential consideration for an airline that flies to most international destinations in the world. New designs were not only conceptualised in consultation with fashion leaders and Turkish Airlines’ own team of cabin crew, but tested rigorously on long-haul trial flights in different climates. ”

We love the bright reds, classic greys and colourful neckerchiefs.

Virgin Atlantic

Vivienne Westwood designed these bright red crew uniforms with a white ruffled blouse, pleated pencil skirt, and a fitted jacket. The men’s uniforms are inspired by Savile Row with a red tie and are smart as well as being eco-friendly (The polyester yarn apparently comes from recycled plastic bottles).

New airline uniforms being launched in 2019 include the new British Airways uniforms which we have high hopes for. I hope it will brighten up my next Club Europe flight!

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