The Best Tool To Find Cheap Flights: Try It For Free


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If you thought that google flights was all you needed to snag the best airline fares in 2019 then think again!

Mighty Travels Premium is a sophisticated tool and analysis which enables you to travel the world in style at a massive discount. This tool will also help you do mileage runs and monitor fares for wherever you fly from and to.

Put simply, Mighty Travels will find you the best Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class deals updated daily for your airport and will send them to your inbox. They make getting the best deal easy.

They have a 30 day FREE trial so it costs nothing to check the service out, compare with google flights and ultimately book the flight you are looking for, but cheaper.

You can then decide whether it is worth shelling out the small $7.99 fee per month (or just $59/year, a 37% saving) to keep your subscription live. You only need to book one flight for your savings to more than cover the subscription cost.

What Does Mighty Travels Do?

Uniquely, Mighty Travels uses machine learning and human intelligence to find all the best flight deals. With the Mighty Travels Deals dashboard, you can see all the airfare deals from your local airport, wherever that may be around the world.

You are also given access to unpublished Economy Class deals from around the world and unpublished Premium Cabin Class deals from anywhere (there are literally thousands of new deals every day).

You will also get curated deals from an expert fare analysis team (see what they have posted lately here to give you an idea of the value of these updates).

Plus you can schedule ‘set and forget’ notifications for routes you plan to fly and probably best of all, you can elect to get mistake fares (and urgent deals) via SMS/ Text.

What Sort Of Savings Can I Expect?

Subscribers save $190 on average for any deal they buy, often savings mount to several thousand dollars per ticket! One member, Derek (Bangkok, Thailand) said: “It is the best $7.99/month I have ever spent. It pays for itself hundreds of times over!”.

Final Thoughts

Don’t pay for a deal service that sends you only a few alerts a month (often just ‘lifted’ from Internet forums). With Mighty Travels Premium, you can see all the best airfares deals at any time. Best of all, you can trial for FREE to make sure that it works for you.

Finally and worth knowing, you can cancel your Premium Subscription at any time in the future, so if your situation changes, you are not tied into any ongoing monthly contract, you can simply cancel.

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