Terror On A Private Jet: Why It’s Better To Fly Economy!


I was shocked when I heard about this terrifying incident on board a private jet. Just imagine, you and your family treat yourselves to a shared private jet flight, in this case, it was on a JetSmarter private jet.

Now imagine you have 2 kids with you who are 4 and 6.

Imagine a man boards the plane and 45 minutes into your flight he starts threatening to kill you and your children.

This happened in real life. That family couldn’t get off the plane, they were stuck in a tiny plane cabin, with a man who had not been security checked and clearly had some sort of psychological disorder. This is my worst nightmare come true and the video evidence is horrific!

The man in question threatened to decapitate people shouting: “Heads will be chopped off. Heads will be chopped off.” as well as screaming “I’m a sick f—. I was just in a psych hospital. You have no idea.”

The flight attendant armed herself with an oxygen bottle and the crew barricaded themselves in the cockpit while declaring an emergency. Read more details about this terrifying story on nbcnews.


You are better off flying in economy. Travel on a legacy carrier like AA, Delta, United or BA, where there are security and passenger checks before the flight takes off, and the chance of travelling with someone like this is greatly reduced. Choose the route and plane you travel on carefully, like the newly refurbished Delta Bowing 777 planes, and Economy really isn’t that bad.

Then spend the money you have saved on your flight on a luxury hotel stay instead! These shared private jets don’t necessarily offer a better way to travel.

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