Terrifying Crashes You Probably Missed: The Worst Flights Of 2018


We have all heard about the terrible mainstream crashes in 2018, but here are some terrifying incidents that you probably missed….

2018 was not a great year for airline fatalities. There was a 900% rise in airline fatalities this year. 16 airliner accidents killed 555 people. Here are just some of the less well known crashes;

One That Was Missed By Mainstream Media

The crash pictured above was missed by mainstream media due to the fact that the incident was between non-US, non-UK military jets. These planes were Sudan Air Force jets at Khartoum airport. The crash video is spectacular and a must watch for any plane enthusiast. The result is not the kind of dent that will buff out!

A Billionaire Fell Out Of The Sky

One incredibly sad 2018 crash was that of the billionaire’s helicopter. The helicopter takes off normally, then some “bits” appear to fall off. Analysis suggested that the bits were from the back propeller. The helicopter then starts going round in circles, wildly out of control and crashes into a car park. You can find out more about the crash here.

Terrible Turbulence

OK, this wasn’t a crash, but of 192 passengers on board, 15 were badly injured in turbulence and 8 were hospitalised. This terrifying flight was the Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1303, which flew from Miami to Buenos Aires. The turbulence experienced by passengers on this flight was extreme. Pictures from the flight on social media show the state of the cabin after the turbulence:

Explosive crash

Easily one of the most mesmerizing plane crashes this year was this one. I have to admit to watching it a number of times for the explosion and then watching the people run to safety. Wow.

Almost The Worst Crash In Aviation History

There was a near-collision of airliners at San Francisco International Airport on the night of July 7, 2017, where an Air Canada plane was just a few feet from causing the worst crash in aviation history. Admittedly this happened in 2017 but the final report only came out in 2018.

Investigators had to try and understand why the Air Canada pilots missed the runway and were about to land on a taxiway where four other planes were waiting. Frighteningly, the plane was just 18.2 metres above the ground while passing these other planes. Take a look at how close things get on the video!


And finally, this is the most reckless flight video I have seen, ever. I will NOT be flying on this airline.

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