Revolting Pictures: Python Bites Woman On Toilet


I backpacked around Australia many years ago and being bitten by a snake whilst sitting on the toilet was one of the many nature-related fears that I had during my stay, along with lethal stings from box jellyfish and finding a spider down my sleeping bag.

Now I travel in luxury and have no intention of using outback toilets or wading through the bush, I thought that I would be safe to return to this beautiful country.

Apparently not! This week a woman received a non-venomous bite in the dark at a relative’s house in Brisbane. Yes she was inside an ordinary house indoors and it is apparently quite common to find snakes seeking water in toilets during hot weather as you can see from the disgusting pictures on the BBC. The woman in question received minor puncture wounds from the 1.5m (5ft) carpet python that was sitting inside her toilet but was absolutely fine.

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Image above from @anthcarrio on Instagram.

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