Panic! Dual Engine Failure On Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner


Simultaneous dual engine failure on modern twin-engine commercial airliners is one of the rarest events in aviation, but this is exactly what happened to ANA flight NH985 when it touched down at Osaka Itami (ITM) on Jan. 17.

The pilots completed the touchdown and were rolling down the runway when they realized that both Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines had shut down when they activated the thrust reversers to slow the aircraft upon landing.

This did not cause a fatal disaster. The plane came to a safe stop some 8,000 feet down the runway. Engineers inspected the engines and could find no reason for the dual failure and say the likely cause for the shutdown is a software issue onboard the aircraft.

Boeing recently released a bulletin regarding the Thrust Control Malfunction Accommodation system (TCMA). The safety system is designed to prevent uncommanded high-thrust situations. Boeing said that selecting full reverse too quickly upon landing before the aircraft has fully transitioned to ground mode could cause the system to activate.

Perhaps this was the problem on this flight?

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