Dramatic Mid-Air Impact: Bird Crashes Into Cathay Pacific Plane!


Have you ever wondered what the nose of a plane looks after it has ploughed into a bird?

A Cathay Pacific plane suffered severe damage to its nose just metres from the pilot’s cockpit, after striking a bird. The picture below shows the crumpled nose of the jet following the dramatic mid-air impact this week.

The good news is that modern aircraft are designed and built to withstand bird strikes and pilots undergo rigorous training to enable them to deal with a bird strike. The pilot of this Cathay Pacific plane managed to land safely.

Bird strikes aren’t terribly common given the number of birds and planes in the sky as there is a lot of space, so it is not a fatal problem unless the birds get caught in BOTH engines. Just see how a plane withstands a drone strike in this collision video.

You can see the results of the bird strike from this week below and you can read about what it’s like to fly on Cathay Pacific in my First Class review.

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