Battery Fine Onboard British Airways Flight


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This week, a passenger’s mobile phone caught fire on a British Airways flight. The plane involved was a British Airways Airbus A380 (G-XLEK) en-route on flight #BA208 from Miami to London-Heathrow (EGLL).

The flaming battery was a Li-Ion battery inside a Samsung smartphone. You can see the charred remains from the fire on the floor of the plane below:

The worry is that a battery fire on a plane during a flight will cause masses of smoke, making the air unbreathable. This happened on a Ryanair flight last August, where a similar mobile phone battery caught alight and smoke from the fire filled the cabin to such an extent that the crew were forced of organise an emergency evacuation using the inflatable slides. Thankfully, the Ryanair plane was on the ground. This weeks British Airways plane was flying at the time of the incident, which is a much more terrifying scenario.

This dramatic footage shows what happened on the Ryanair flight:

Safety experts have warned about the risks associated with portable electronic devices and allowing battery chargers on flights. According to the latest Federal Aviation Administration figures, “air/airport incidents involving lithium batteries carried as cargo or baggage” happen, on average, once every 50 days.

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