10 Best Gift Ideas For Travelling Kids


Travelling with young children can be both a wonderful, yet stressful experience. It can be a struggle to keep them entertained, especially during long-haul flights or time-consuming journeys. We’ve rounded up the best gift ideas to keep your children busy, whilst your travelling to and from your destination, or already on vacation, to make your luxury travel experience a little bit more blissful.


A scooter may not be the first thing you think of packing when you go away, but my son’s Micro-scooter is the most essential item for us to pack, after our passports. You see, we travel around Europe and most of the destinations we travel to have beautiful promenades to stroll up and down. My boy is wonderful, but he hates boring walks. When I try to convince him to walk to the shops or a stroll to take in the sights, the arguing followed by his grumping along in misery behind us takes the joy out of any walk.

The answer to happiness for kids and consequently parents is to make those romantic walks fun. Now packing a bike up and flying it across Europe tends to be impractical, but a light, foldable scooter is perfectly practical to take with you on the plane. For my boy, it turns a boring adult stroll into an adventure.

So now his scooter goes everywhere with us! Happiness is seeing my 8-year old scoot off into the distance while we stroll along the beach-side promenade in the sun. His scooter is super light and foldable and from Micro Scooters. The fact that the scooter folds makes it such an easy accessory to take on holiday!

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch provides endless enjoyment for both children and adults alike. The console allows you multiplayer options and can be experienced on-the-go, or connected to a TV.


The iPad is one of the many easy ways to keep a child entertained, and is a gadget that does not fail. You’re able to download movies for them to watch, play YouTube videos, or fun games.


Giving them a little bit of independence, young children love to carry their own bags, and you can get them to pack their own games and toys. Choose something that’s comfortable, with wide straps and a fun colour, pattern or print.

Travel Journal

This can be a wonderful and fun way for a child to document their time travelling. It’s an educational way to get them to write down the experiences that they’ve had and be a memorable keepsake for the future.

Pens and Pencils

Stationary galore! Packing a set of pens and pencils is an ideal way to keep your children busy. Retractable crayons are a good option because they don’t require sharpening, are mess free and make life just a little bit easier whilst globe trotting.

Map of Destination/World Map

Packing a world map/map of the destination that you’re travelling to, will not only help your child learn and understand where they’re are visiting, but will also show them the endless adventure that the world has to offer. During your travels, you can get them to list off places that they would like to visit, or have visited and teach them about other countries.


A versatile lifesaver! Both waterproof, and lightweight, meaning that they are easy to pack and carry. Crocs can be worn indoors, outdoors, on the beach or by the pool. There are endless colour options and styles to choose from, such as the original design to sandals.

Waterproof Camera

Kid friendly cameras are quirky and a great item to pack with you, especially if your child is a budding photographer that loves to take snapshots of their own. There are plenty of kid-friendly cameras on the market that are waterproof and robust, so you have no need to worry if accidents occur.


Although books can sometimes be heavy and not so practical items to take with you, you can find activity packs and subscriptions specifically suited for when you’re on your travels. Instead of taking simple storybooks, include reads that are filled with global adventures or facts and tales about other countries.

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