Why I Refuse To Fly In Helicopters & Why You Shouldn’t Either


I am a cautious flyer and if you are tempted to take a fun helicopter ride over New York or over the Grand Canyon or even a seaplane flight, you might want to think again…

This week pictures from the Sydney Seaplane crash were released. A British Millionaire and his family were on a return flight to Sydney’s Rose Bay, this time last year, when the small aircraft apparently nose-dived into the Hawkesbury River. It reminds me once again that although flying is safe, safety standards for small planes and sightseeing flights, whether by helicopter or light aircraft, are not as stringent as those for larger commercial planes. The result is that flying in helicopters and small planes hold a larger risk than flying on a generic airliner.

2018 Was Sad Year For Helicopter Crashes

Tragically, Leicester City owner’s helicopter crashed after a game and the footage was frightening.

The helicopter takes off normally, then some “bits” appeared to fall off. Analysis suggested that the bits were from the back propeller. Following the loss of these “bits” the helicopter starts going round in circles, wildly out of control and crashes into a car park. Awful. If you missed this story you can watch an expert analysis on sky news.

What Is Particularly Frightening About This?

The manufacturers of the AW169 AgustaWestland claim that this is the first crash of this type of helicopter. So just because a helicopter has never crashed, doesn’t mean it won’t crash.

Have There Been Any Other Crashes In 2018?

There have been a number of helicopter crashes in 2018. In February, five tourists were killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon due to a fuel system that caught fire (the design fault has apparently been rectified).

Another two tourists from the US were killed on March 22 when a helicopter crashed in Australia apparently because it got too close to the water.

Another helicopter crashed in New York on 12 March killed five passengers when it fell into the East River, with just the pilot surviving.

Most helicopter trips ARE safe. But on reflection, for me, a helicopter flight is NOT worth the risk, however small.

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