Warning! Why You Should NEVER Drink Tea On A Plane


I have been happily sloshing back the tea which goes with my British Airways Club Europe afternoon tea for years with no ill effects, but according to Today.com, I’ve been incredibly lucky.

According to a new airline food study from the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, you should avoid the water airlines use in flight.

Why Should I Avoid My In-Flight Tea?

in 2004, an EPA investigation found disease-causing pathogens could be in the water of 15 per cent of commercial planes. You see, airline drinking water, jointly regulated by the EPA, FDA and FAA, only requires disinfection and flushing one to four times per year.

In 2002 a Wall Street Journal study also included testing aeroplane water. The lab found strains of salmonella, Staphylococcus bacteria (which causes staph infections) and insect eggs in some of the samples.

Even Boiled Water Is Risky?

If water is heated up to a high enough temperature for long enough, organisms which harm humans will be killed. This is more difficult at high altitude due to the change in boiling point, meaning that even boiled water could still be contaminated.

How About Ice?

Sorry, bad news there too. there’s a chance it could be riddled with bacteria. Ice is typically made from the plane’s supply of tap water, so there is even more chance that the ice contaminated with bacteria.

Bottom line, many flight attendants will not drink hot or cold water on the plane. To stay safe, I recommend avoiding it too. Stick to canned or bottled drinks onboard and you will have much less to worry about.

Read more on Today.com.

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