The World’s Most Beautiful Air Hostess

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Air hostesses have always been the face of any airline. Richard Branson’s mum was just one woman who took on the iconic role and was an airline hostess for British South American Airways.

Air hostesses remain perfectly formed stewards in the sky, largely because the job remains one of the few jobs that clearly discriminates by looks. The shape and presentation of an air hostess is as important as her way with people.

Which airline has the most good-looking flight crew today?

Well this is very hard to judge because we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On October 12th one traveller, George Wong took a sneaky photo of an AirAsia cabin crew flight attendant who caught his attention and posted it on facebook. George wrote: “Affordable fares with incredible views, what is there to complain about?”

The humble AirAsia air hostess was Mabel Goo, 24 and is pictured below. You can see more of her on her Instagram feed. She commented, “it’s very nice for people to say such kind words.” As a result, of her kind nature and looks, she has an enormous Instagram following, even bigger than ours!.

Other popular contenders include Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airlines.

My opinion?

I adore the air hostesses and hosts on British Airways. They are almost always smart, polite, capable and they deliver everything with a touch of British humour… Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder!

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