The Most Horrific Flight Videos Of 2018


It is with much shame that I reveal my unhealthy fascination for flight disaster videos online. Perhaps it is my brain’s way of fueling my fear of flying or perhaps it simply takes me away from the mundaneness of everyday life.

So here is my pick of the best videos in 2018. They include crashes, severe turbulence, UFOs, exploding engines and one video of a complete numpty who can’t get his bag into an overhead bin…

The Most Horrific Flight Videos Of 2018

Yikes! Incredible Video Of An American Plane Exploding Into Therapy Centre

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This video is quite something. A plane literally shoots across the screen and explodes into flames after hitting a therapy centre for autistic children in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last Saturday. Read More.

Incredible Footage! Video Shows Plane Crash Land On Californian Street

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I just love video like this! In this incredible footage, a plane is forced to make an emergency landing on a public street in California. Read More.

Terrifying Video Of New Airbus A350 In Near-Vertical Take Off

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Have you ever wondered what the plane you are flying in is capable of? Well, this video is a real eye-opener, regarding the capabilities of a new A350 plane. The Airbus test pilots put the aircraft on full display at… Read More.

Afraid To Fly? These Terrifying Flight Videos And Photos Won't Help!

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I love to fly, I truly do! But I also have a morbid fascination about planes that have had mishaps and that have still managed to get on the ground safely. Here is a selection of terrifying photos and videos… Read More.

Extraordinary Video: Did A UFO Overtake This Plane?

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As a general rule, I am not a believer. Be it ghosts, alien visits or UFOs, but occasionally I have a weird experience or I see a video that makes me question my own beliefs. Read More.

Horrific Video Of Southwest Airlines Plane Struggling To Land In Storm

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As my house was being frozen in winter storms earlier this week (please see my snowman for proof), there were some equally miserable travellers trying to land in Washington DC. Read More.

Airline Humour: The Funniest Video You Will See This Week

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I couldn’t resist sharing this hilarious video. It made me dribble my morning tea down my chin! Read More.

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