Terrifying Flying: Billions Of Passengers & 900% Rise In Airline Fatalities


2018 was not a great year for airline fatalities. You can’t sugar coat the statistics. There was a 900% rise in airline fatalities this year.

Nearly 4.5 billion passengers flew on nearly 45 million flights worldwide, but according to retired airline pilot and safety expert John Cox, in USA Today, the year has been at best “average” for safety.

This year (so far) there were 16 airliner accidents that killed a total of 555 people. These are horrendous figures if you start to imagine 555 people in a room. 555 people is also more than a 900% increase over last year. Last years fatality figure was just 59.

What were the accidents in 2018

There were 15 accidents worldwide in 2018 and the two most publicised incidents were the engine failure and cowling separation on Southwest Flight 1380 near Philadelphia and the Lion Air crash near Jakarta, Indonesia. The industry has tried to act quickly to address the issues raised in the investigation of the latter crash and notices were sent to all 737 MAX pilots to reduce the likelihood of a similar accident.

So Are 737 MAX planes safe?

According to Skift, United Airlines specifically warned their pilots to take care when flying the Boeing 737 Max 9, in case its automated systems unexpectedly cause the plane to make the aircraft dive.


The exact bulletin for the pilots was: “United Airlines is issuing this pilot bulletin to address this potential nose-down trim issue, which could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the aeroplane, and lead to excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain,”

If I Want To Avoid The Boeing 737 Max 9 Which American Carriers Fly Them?

United, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines all fly the Max, Boeing’s newest plane. I can’t think of a better reason to choose to fly on Delta airlines with its old but reliable fleet. This way, you can be sure to avoid these Boeing 737 Max planes.

Is My Terror Justified?

Probably not. I personally avoid flying about on Russian jets. Russian airlines have the reputation of being more gung-ho about flying in unfavourable conditions, and plane crashes in Russia contributed to this year’s numbers. You can see one such dangerous example here.

In fact, it was a similar lack of wing de-icing that was thought to cause an Iranian sir accident this year killing 66 on board.

Perhaps the most incredible video of a flight incident can be seen here in our most frightening flight videos of 2018, where an American plane explodes into a therapy centre. I am not sure if the death of this pilot is included in the above stats and thankfully no-one was killed on the ground. The footage is incredible.

Bottom line, plane engines in 2018 are incredibly reliable, passenger planes undergo a serious of stringent safety checks, and yet, occasionally, there are things that “just happen” even with these high safety standards. The truth is that risk can’t be completely eliminated when flying on any plane, but it is still safer to fly than to drive to the airport.


What to do? Try to live each day to the fullest and not let worry ruin your day before it begins!

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