Spreading Christmas Misery: Will British Airways Strike?

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Well, Christmas is coming so isn’t it about time that an airline spread some Christmas misery with a strike?

The Background

The three main trade unions representing British Airways staff, BALPA, Unite and GMB, have come together to submit a joint pay claim for 2019-21. This covers all employees, not just cabin crew.

They want a rise of 5% from 1st January followed by further rises in the next few years. In addition, unions want 7% of annual operating profit to be ringfenced for staff bonuses.

This sounds harsh, but according to this article on HeadforPoints, Mixed Fleet cabin crew members are currently paid a measly £13,079. Allowances bring this up to what unions claim is an average of around £16,000. This is not a generous wage.

The result? unhappy staff and according to HeadforPoints, a situartion that is “unlikely to end well.”

While nothing is sure in life, be prepared for delays over Christmas. Then you won’t be disappointed!

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