Shocking: Are Your Hotels Cups Cleaned With A Toilet Brush?


Do you have a toilet brush in your house? Do you use it to clean your drinking mugs after using it in the toilet bowl? Of course not!

Do you use your towel to dry your armpits and privates? Most people do! Do you then use that same towel to clean your cups before you serve your guests tea? Of course not!

If you stay at a hotel and have made yourself a drink in a hotel glass or mug, there is a possibility that the mug you are drinking out of has been cleaned by the previous guest’s towel, or worse, a used toilet brush!

A business traveller told the Daily Mail that he saw a member of staff cleaning his teapot and cup using a toilet brush and bathroom detergent. This was at a cheap 2-star hotel in Beijing but it is shocking nonetheless.

This is undoubtedly disgusting but the hotel in question was cheap and this kind of thing doesn’t happen at luxury hotels… does it?

Actually yes! I love Four Seasons hotels and yet a brave video blogger secretly filmed similarly foul cleaning practices happening at some of the most glamorous hotels in China including a Hilton, Sheraton Guiang, Bulgari Shanghai, Ritz Carlton Shanghai and the Four Seasons Shanghai!

It’s unbelievable! Towels that have been used to clean the previous guest’s armpits and worse… are being used to clean cups and mugs!

Unsurprisingly, this video has had over 45,000 views:

It seems that these unhygienic practices cannot be avoided and I can only suggest taking an antibacterial spray with you to clean the remote control, check for hairs and bugs in your sheets before you get into bed and for goodness sake, wash hotel mugs before you drink out of them.

I have one more top tip, my husband has always popped our families array of toothbrushes into a flannel and hid them in the safe. He didn’t want the cleaner fingering, washing or cleaning the bathroom with them. To be honest, I thought my husband was a bit mad to insist on doing this… but now I’m not so sure!

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