If you know anything about flying, you will know that planes should not try and take off if their wings are covered in snow or ice.

If your pilot attempts to take off with snow or ice adhering to the wing, they are gambling with your life and the lives of your passengers and crew.

Russia has a poor aviation safety record in Russia and the takeoff of this Russian flight was risky. Even if this video is showing snow but not ice on the wing (it is very hard to tell), it is still not a good idea to take off without removing the snow

It IS possible to do a reasonably safe takeoff with snow or ice adhering to the wing, but your pilot is banking on a number of factors:
A longer takeoff roll.
Reduced performance, which is fine for most situations but if you get an engine failure, the reduced performance of the plane means that it will be harder to get out of a sticky situation, or even remain in the air. De-icing is the only safe option.

De-icing didn’t happen in the below video. Thankfully this plane took off fine, but it must be one of the most dangerous flight videos that I have seen:

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