Only The Insane Will Fly In This American Airlines Plane


It was Albert Einstein who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

If a premium passenger or frequent flyer (or in fact any traveller at all!) flies on the new American Airlines 737 MAX and discovers an inferior product when compared to, say, Delta, they will NOT to book on American Airlines over and over again, unless AA is their only choice or unless they are insane.

American Airlines Gets Worse

American Airlines says they have a problem attracting premium revenue and yet they keep making their product worse!

American’s “improved” densified cabins can be found on their new 737 MAX 8 aircraft. American’s ultra-dense cabins offer a reduced seat pitch from 31″ down to 30″ so that they can fit in more seats. When seated, there is not enough space to open a laptop, the lack of space at head level makes you feel claustrophobic and if you sit on one of these seats for more than an hour or two, you may find that your back starts to hurt and your bum goes numb due to the lack of padding.

Sadly, the 737 MAX was designed for long flying, so expect discomfort as you are likely to be flying on these planes for MORE than 2 hours. Add to this, there is no seatback entertainment and of course, the bathrooms are two inches thinner too! In contrast, Delta has put the seat back video in over 600 planes.

If you are a low-cost carrier then this sort of densified cabin is to be expected, but if you are a premium carrier you should be giving your customers a premium experience. The 737 MAX seats are bad. The only worse seats are on United E175s.

You might find flying on one of these planes more tolerable if you have flown on points. We have detailed the best AA credit cards and how to upgrade for free. That assumes that you are happy to fly on a Boeing 737 Max after the Lion air crash. I have detailed why flying on a Boeing 737 Max jet worries me and why I will be flying on Delta’s older planes for now.

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