Only In America! Southwest Airlines Air Hostess Had Loaded Firearm In CarryOn


Us Europeans find American gun laws unfathomable. We see the killings in schools and at nightclubs and cannot understand why guns are comparatively easy to get hold of in such a sophisticated country.

Of course, over our side of the pond, the majority of British police officers don’t even carry firearms; that duty is instead carried out by specially-trained firearms officers. I find our methods equally mad.

Whether you are pro or against civilians with firearms, I prefer for my air hostess not to take a gun onboard. Thankfully this is something we can all agree on. Call me crazy but a shootout on a plane would not end well for the plane fuselage or the people inside.

So what was flight attendant Crystal Reven doing with a loaded firearm in her carry-on luggage? Read more of this crazy story on The Buffalo News.

Perhaps this proves that the world is slowly going mad? The mess of Brexit, Wall Street’s recent highs and lows, Bitcoin’s turmoil…

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