One Of My Fears Comes True: 737 Suspected Mid Air Collision With Drone


Just a week after I talked about the almost catostrophic collision between a Virgin Atlantic plane and a drone, my nightmare comes true.

Experts believe that the latest 737 collision was caused by a drone. The passenger aircraft in question was an Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 aircraft which suffered from a mid-air collision shortly before landing in Tijuana on Wednesday.

Airline officials are investigating whether the plane crashed into a drone while making its approach. Pilots heard a “pretty loud bang,” according to Bloomberg which caused the collapse of the 737’s nose.

This aircraft landed normally and the passengers were fine, but this accident once again highlight’s my fears that a fatal accident will be caused by one of these recreational flying drones. Recently, the FAA actually made it easier to fly drones near US airports. What were they thinking?

Update: It has become apparent, after writing this article, that this aircraft looks unlikely to have been hit by a drone. It now looks more likely that structural failures may have caused the dents in the nose cone, without any collision.

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