Nasty! Ever Wondered What Happens To Uneaten Buffet Food In Las Vegas?


What happens to old buffet food in Vegas, once it has been sitting out for long enough to go nasty?

Prime rib, shrimp cocktails, mountains of meat, salad, pasta, and more can be found in the buffet stations in Las Vegas. Love or hate the town; you can’t help wondering what happens to these mountains of food when they are finished with?

The good news is that this food is not wasted. It is instead used to feed pigs, who, I guess, will eventually be returned right back to the same buffet tables in the form of ham and chops. This is perhaps the ultimate form of recycling!

In this win-win situation, RC Farms’ long-time owner Bob Combs provides a sort-of free waste removal service for The Strip’s hotels, and in exchange, his pigs get fed.

The pig farm north of Las Vegas has become known for its circular service to the city. It is home to some 2,500 pigs, according to Western Farm Press.

RC Farms hauls leftover food from a dozen hotels each night and mixes the goods for his pigs to feast. The rest — all the non-edible bits, are recycled. The farm has been doing this for more than 50 years.

In fact, the pigs have developed a taste for these buffets and will turn their noses up to soybean and corn. They much prefer the buffets!

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