My Christmas In A Millionaires Paradise!


How do millionaires spend Christmas? Well, I am reliably informed by Forbes that the principality of Monaco on the Mediterranean nestled between France remains the top city globally by ‘Millionaire density.’ I am spending my Christmas in Monaco to report back on what life is like on the big day in this corner of paradise.

But how do these millionaires celebrate?

With better decorations than anywhere else in the world, of course! With the sun shining and with Christmas music piped into the streets throughout the festive season. All the trees have snow on them, but as it is a balmy 16’C, all the white stuff is fake!

Monaco is where my family chose to spend every Christmas. We stay at the magical Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo and spend Christmas Eve fine dining with the locals in La Salle Belle Epoque, an ornate ballroom decorated in the most massive Christmas tree I have ever seen and more festive sparkles than anywhere else in the world. Last time we were in this ballroom, Shirley Bassey passed by inspecting a display of diamonds.

It’s wonderful, Santa even stops by Hôtel Hermitage and I share just a taster of some of the prettiest scenes in Monaco above along with photos from Monaco on a previous Christmas from a few years ago!

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