Last Day For Apple Bonus Point Sale


It may be too late to get delivery for the big day, but why not buy yourself something apple to arrive AFTER Christmas? Move quick, this offer expires on 23rd December, today!

Make your purchase by first routing through the British Airways estore to earn 6 Avios per 1GBP that you spent on ANY Apple product (Was 3 Avios per 1GBP).

The Avios store is a great way to get some cash back if you live in the UK. Crucially, buying via the estore makes much more sense than buying in the physical Apple store, as you get this Avios bonus. I value 1 Avios at £0.01, so that’s a 6% cashback until 24/12/2018 apparently at 00:59:00. Buy yourself an iPhone Xs Max for 1099GBP and you will earn 6,594 Avios.

6 Avios per 1GBP spent (plus whatever your credit card gives you) is hard to beat and if you win 250,000 Avios, you will be having the last laugh.

An off-peak flight to Nice from London is 4,000 Avios (+ 17.50GBP in tax) so 6,594 is more than one free flight! Don’t forget to book your hotel with our luxury travel concierge for free benefits including upgrades, breakfast, $100 credit and more.

I also stocked up with Ralph Lauren Xmas gifts for my family from Selfridges via the estore. At Selfridges, you get 12 Avios cashback on clothing (which currently offers a 12% return in Avios).

Boost Your Earnings!

Make sure you buy on an Avios earning credit card to boost your Avios. I travel on British Airways Avios for free with miles accrued on by my FREE Amex Gold Card. Contact me for a referral which will get you 22,000 Amex bonus points, 2,000 more than the usual offering (when you spend 2,000GBP in your first three months). You can collect other airline miles too.

The UK British Airways Amex Card is also a great way to collect Avios (you can apply for both this and the Gold card at the same time). You will receive 26,000 Avios if you spend 3,000 GBP in the first three months on the Premium card and get a 2-4-1 free flight after spending 10k GBP. Our referral gets 1,000 more than the usual 25,000. Again, Contact me for a referral.

If you are US based and need points, a brilliant way to load up on a massive bonus of airline miles is outlined in our easy guide.

I have flown with British Airways many times and have reviewed all my short haul BA flights and my long haul Business and First Class flights.

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