In this article, we explain how to get the Fine Hotels & Resorts hotel benefits for free.

What is Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts

Fine Hotels & Resorts an exclusive benefit offered to American Express Platinum Card holders. FHR is a collection of 600 luxury hotels worldwide which offer special benefits to American Express Platinum cardholders when you book their luxury hotel stay via Amex Travel.

These special benefits include:
Noon check-in when available.
Room upgrade on arrival when available.
Free breakfast for two people.
GUARANTEED 4pm check-out
Free in-room wi-fi (most hotels no longer charge for this).
Usually $100 of food and beverage credit per stay.

It is one of the most useful benefits of having an American Express Platinum card and helps most people justify the big Amex Platinum Card fee.

How Do I Get Fine Hotels & Resorts Amex Platinum Benefits For Free

But you don’t actually need to take out an American Express Platinum credit card to get these most of these benefits. Virtuoso agents and official Four Seasons partner travel agencies, like our own Luxury Travel Concierge (we are both Virtuoso and Four Seasons partner) offer all these benefits absolutely free. No need to take out an Amex Card and incur the credit card application fees after all.

We offer:
Early check-in when available.
Room upgrade on arrival when available.
Free breakfast for two people.
4pm check-out where available(very valuable).
Free in-room wi-fi (most hotels no longer charge for this charge).
Usually $100 of food and beverage credit per stay.

Of course, the best way to maximise these benefits it to mattress run. To hop between hotels picking up $100 at each hotel for one night.

If you were paying $200 per night for a room for one night and you get $100 credit to spend at the restaurant and bar, you could argue that the actual amount you were paying for the room was only $100 and then you are spending $100 in the bar/restaurant.

This slightly twisted logic and the energy to jump between hotels will “save” you $100 per night! Let’s not forget the free breakfast, room upgrade, free VIP gift and so on.

Where Are These Hotels?

There is a map on the American Express website that maps you the Finest Hotels & Resorts around the world.

Why Our Luxury Concierge Is Better Than FHR

The big downside of Fine Hotels & Resorts is their set pricing. Rates seem to be fixed in advance. If the hotel starts discounting, the FHR rate may be higher than the rate on the hotel website.

This is not true of our Luxury Travel Concierge. We match the rates on hotel websites direct and offer virtually the same benefits at all the FHR hotels and resorts along with extra hotels not listed on the American Express travel website.

Worth mentioning that ALL Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) are also Finest Hotels & Resorts. If you book any volume of stays at these hotels, you are considerably better off joining Leaders Club AND booking through our concierge so you can benefit from reward points, brilliant benefits AND cashback.

Book LHW hotels via FHR you only get the benefits. No points and no cashback!

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