Horrible! Why One Travel Blogger is DONE Flying American Airlines

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At the moment, it is hard to find a complimentary article about American Airlines. They have been densifying planes which means thinner seat padding, reducing pitch (down to 30″), removing seat back entertainment and even shrinking their toilet sizes (by around 2″).

Famous travel blogger Ben Schlappig from OneMileAtATime has finally given up. He says “…I’m finally reaching the boiling point where this airline has disappointed me so often that I give up. I think this is finally, truly, really, actually the end of the road for me and AA.”

What Is His Problem With AA?

Delays. Delta has far better operational performance and in Ben’s opinion, American doesn’t seem to learn from their mistakes.

To be honest this isn’t the only problem with American Airlines. Flying on their new densified 737 MAX 8 aircraft, with thinner seats, smaller toilets and reduced seat pitch is also a nightmare when compared to Delta, regardless of their delays. After the Lion air crash, I don’t feel awfully comfortable or safe flying on the B737 MAX at all.

American is still a decent option when flying in Business Class long haul, but flying on domestic AA is not a luxury way to travel. The only thing to ease the pain is to fly for free on air miles earned by your credit card. This way, at least you aren’t paying for your horrible flight.

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