Hanover Airport Shut Down After BMW Smashed Through Barrier Towards Plane


Will the madness never end? First Gatwick closes for days after drones being spotted, more recently, Hanover Airport shut down on Saturday after a BMW smashed through a barrier and drove towards a plane carrying 172 passengers.

The motorist stopped the car underneath the wing of an A320 aircraft before police overpowered the man. He was then arrested. The plane had a Polish license plate and drove onto the runway after the plane had landed.

The Independent has reported that ‘a rapid drug test showed initial indications of anaesthetic effects’ and that there were ‘no indications of a terrorist background’.

And the Gatwick drones?

According to Bloomberg the projectiles several eyewitnesses claimed to have spotted weren’t drones at all, but popping champagne corks…

Like I say. Madness!

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Photo above is actually of London Heathrow Airport which I flew to last week

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