Do I Need To Panic? Is WOW Air Going Bust?


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WOW Air offers one of the cheapest ways to fly transatlantic but if you have any bookings with WOW Air, you will probably be horrified by the recent news stories about the airline going bust.

Is WOW Air Going Bust?

Well, there was hope when Icelandair announced the $18m acquisition of its low-cost competitor WOW Air. But this week, Icelandair walked away from the deal, so it looks highly likely that this airline won’t be around for much longer. WOW Air recently cut a number of US routes at short notice which also rings alarm bells.

I wish I could be the bearer of good news but if I had WOW tickets I would certainly feel rather alarmed after the recent onslaught of bad news.

The good news is that the airline IS still flying, so if you are flying over the next few days, one would hope that you will be fine. If you have booked weeks or even months in advance, then you need to put together a backup plan.

One idea, which came from the travel blog Head for Points, suggests booking back-up Avios redemptions on the same routes which can be cancelled if WOW does survive.

We recommend from now on, only booking on legacy carriers if you want complete peace of mind. There are still some great deals on google flights for British Airways, American Airlines and TAP Portugal if you can bear stops so stick to these more reliable airlines where possible.

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