Disgusting Indulgence: Kim Kardashian’s $2 Mil Private Jet Trip


There has been much debate online about the cost of Kim Kardashian’s latest private jet trip, with some estimates suggesting she was paying $200,000 AN HOUR for a 10-hour flight on this private jet, to a more “reasonable” $25k per hour for a 10-hour flight.

Either way, the flight was eyewatering expensive and I’m genuinely horrified at the amount celebrities like these spend on their travel.

Why Didn’t They Fly Business Or First?

I love to travel in style. I can’t blame people paying for First Class if they have the budget. It is an extraordinary experience. It enables you to sleep properly so that you arrive at your destination completely refreshed. It is also fun, you are fed with fine dining and treated like a rock star, so if you can afford it, why not!

Economy has sucked much of the joy out of travel. Economy is something to endure. Travel in Business or First Class and you are truly living the high life. Just have a read of some of our latest reviews in Delta Business Class across to New York (and this flight wasn’t even Delta’s new seats, it was one of their worst lie flat products!) and also our recent review of Emirates in Business Class. Both were magical experiences!

Surely you don’t need more luxury than this? You get whisked from the private airport lounge into the front of the plane, and all for the bargain of around $5-10,000 depending on class and route. Of course, you can score Business Class for as little as $1000 if you book in a sale or through a discounted agent.

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Why Do I Find Spending $2Million On A 10 Hour Flight Gross?

Put simply, there is a lot of hardship in the world. If you can get a great experience and a good nights sleep spending $5-10,000 per person, then spending $2million on a flight covering a similar route is simply grotesque. Just imagine the good you could do in the world with the $1.98 Million left over (setting aside $20k for a flight). Donate it to a children’s charity, do something for global warming, invest in cancer cures.. $1.98 million is such an enormous amount of money.

Even without considering the cost, the carbon footprint of two people flying in their own 747 is equally disgusting.

Just How Much Did This 747 Private Jet flight Cost?

But I digress, just how much money did this 747 private jet flight actually cost? Whether you are a celebrity or not, I would hope that if you are renting out a private jet, that you would shop around and check that you are not paying over the odds for the flight. Then again, bearing in mind the Kardashian’s probable budgets it is very possible that they did really pay $2 Million for a 10-hour flight.

Watch the video. A disgusting indulgence? You decide.

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