Best Airline Uniforms: Hideous American, Disappointing Delta & Bikinis On Viet Jet!


Whether you respect them or loathe them, flight attendants set the image of every airline. You probably won’t see the face of your pilot, but the personality and presentation of your flight attendant will impact your flight experience.

Whether your cabin crew is jovial and good humoured, snobby and distant or whether they look mighty fine in their uniform or shabby and unkempt, their look and behaviour will affect your in-flight experience.

I have had great experiences with British Airways flight attendants and even with the recent bad press regarding two British Airways stewardesses, I still have the greatest respect for them.

In case you are wondering, one air stewardess was found to be drunk, stumbling on travelators and using a keen disguise of reading a book upside down (mistakenly) to try to hide her condition. Another sold her used tights online after producing a video nasty of her smelling them.

My experience with the British Airways flight crew has always been great. They have gone out of their way to keep my little boy happy. I like their humour and the fact they try and “push” passengers to eat their last afternoon tea scones, rather than scoffing them themselves.

I wish I could say the same for other aircrews where my experiences have been less impressive. From the Qatar stewards who rudely bash into your legs when you are trying to sleep, to the superior Emirates crew who stride through the terminal, seemingly with a nasty smell under their noses.

Whatever you feel about your flight attendants, their uniforms are crucial to the way they look and they range from the hideous designs on American, to the dissapointing on Delta, to the beautiful on Hainan airlines below, to the frankly embarrassing experience you may endure on Viet Jet with their bikini girls parading up and down the cabin…

But it is the spontaneous bikini girl shows that have made this airline so popular, resulting in Viet Jet’s owner becoming one of Asia’s richest women. This suggests that her idea of holding these onboard pageants IS a moneymaker. Our apparently PC world doesn’t change the fact that many hundreds of thousands of the people will book onto her airline specifically because of these events.

The result? Happy passengers and the owner who is a billionaire at just 47-years old.

I find the bikini idea pretty abhorrent, but I have to admit that if the girls and the passengers are happy, who am I to stick my nose in and make a judgement. Perhaps WOW Air should try something like this to pull them out of their tailspin?

I think the Hainan Airlines are the most beautiful airline uniforms in the world but I have a horrible feeling that if I put Hainan Vs Viet Jet uniforms to an online vote.. my favourite would not win…

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