Another Travel Writer Vows NEVER To Fly American Airlines… Then He Does


Famous travel blogger Ben Schlappig from OneMileAtATime has finally given up. He says he is DONE with flying American Airlines and is refusing to fly on American Airlines ever again.

Now writer and influencer, Chris Matyszczyk, admits that he too has been avoiding flying on American Airlines, but when he decided to give American one last chance… he was surprised by the outcome.

Chris was worried about his decision. He said, “It was just a question of how, how badly, and when”.

And yet, his experience ended up being “eerily tolerable, verging on the pleasant”.

His seat was spacious (of dated), the plane was not full, so there was plenty of room to stretch out, his neighbor did not elbow him, there was no turbulence, and they arrived at the gate almost an hour ahead of schedule.

Read the entire story here.

One good experience does not mean that everyone’s experience on American is good or even tolerable. Flying is always better in First so find out how to get a free upgrade on AA, and you may be interested in our own very decent experiences of American Airlines in Business Class.

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