Another Disastrous Frontier Flight…


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Frontier airlines have not been having a great month. First, a Frontier engine blew out. Now a couple has been captured on video, yelling outrageously while onboard a Frontier flight.

A chap was causing a scene, shouting at his girlfriend, much to the embarrassment of his fellow travelers. Us Brits would have found this an incredibly cringe-worthy moment, and I am sure the Americans onboard felt equally uncomfortable!

Take a look at the stressful video on View From The Wing. I can’t imagine how unpleasant it would have been aboard this flight.

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Travel does seem to bring out the worst in people. I remember once hurriedly trying to pull my extremely heavy carry-on bag out of an overhead bin after landing before the aisle filled up with queuing passengers. I was worried that my rather spindly arms would not hold the weight of the bag in the air for long enough to maneuver it down between queuing passengers.

I pulled the bag down as soon as the seat belt signs went off, and an extremely unpleasant male passenger went off at me about him having priority over me as the bag was above his seat, without giving me a chance to explain why I had rushed over to pull my bag down. That will teach me to put too many heavy shoes in one bag, but the unpleasantness ensued was unnecessary.

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