2018 Air Disasters: Why The Awful Lion Air Crash Happen?

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This year was not a great year for air travel. In November, a brand new passenger plane belonging to Indonesia’s budget airline Lion Air and carrying 189 people crashed off the coast of Jakarta. All 189 passengers were killed.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 should have been a safe plane to fly in. I wouldn’t have hesitated to book my family onto this flight and yet that would have the worst decision of my life.. as it was for the poor 189 people plus the pilots and air stewards onboard.

But why did it happen?

The data retrieved from the flight data recorder indicates that the pilot of the Lion Air flight fought continuously against malfunctioning computers that were trying to force the plane’s nose down before it crashed.

Investigators have detailed that the aircraft had problems with its airspeed indicator and angle of attack (AOA) sensors. Black box data also showed the plane had an airspeed indicator issue on multiple earlier flights, which was not fixed. Boeing has since issued a special bulletin telling operators what to do when they face the same situation.

But the cockpit voice recorder has not yet been recovered and experts are worried that the cockpit voice recorder may have been damaged on impact because of the lack “ping” sounds when they try to detect its location.

It looks possible that the cockpit voice recorder will never be recovered, which would be a terrible shame as it is by having a full understanding what went wrong when there’s an aviation disaster that we prevent future occurrences.

The search continues…

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