CHAOS! United Airlines Strike & How This Will Affect You


A bunch of United Airline’s region carrier flight attendants have just authorised a strike but what does this mean for passengers?

It was just last week that the union at United Express revealed that 99% of flight attendants have voted for a strike. They are after a new and better contract and have hit a deadlock, hence the need to strike.

The CHAOS strike could affect one flight or the entire airline. It is aimed to Create Havoc Around Our Systems and it will almost certainly do this, as the strike will happen without notice to management or passengers.

The point of CHAOS is that flight attendants will get a reaction without necessarily striking. The threat is just as good and doesn’t his their pay packet.

History shows that Alaska Airlines experienced a major disruption in 1993 with a CHAOS strike where they announced strikes and then cancelled them moments later.

What will happen to passengers?

They may be stranded with no notice and there is very little that anyone can do to prepare for this. It is probably wise to book with an alternate airline, if there is that option with a similar price on your route, to avoid this CHAOS. Then again, the CHAOS may never actually happen.

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