Bikini Airline Spends $6.5 Billion On Jets And Girls Dancing Bikinis

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Whoever said that skimpily clad women won’t sell your product was clearly tripping. Following the huge success of the random bikini girls appearing on their flights, the airline VietJet is now doing so well that it is spending $6.5 billion on new jets and, one would guess, more bikini-clad dancing girls to show up on their flights and grab headlines.

I find this story so odd. In such a PC world where, so often, men can’t even look at scantily clad women without being labelled perverts, this airline so blatantly sells seats using bikini women. The joke is that the airline is actually run by a woman.

Whether you agree or disagree with this business strategy, the fact that Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is one of Asia’s richest women suggests that her idea of holding these onboard pageants is a moneymaker. Our apparently PC world doesn’t change the fact that many hundreds of thousands of the people will book onto her airline specifically because of these events.

So what will You experience on a Viet Jet Flight?

Women do really wear bikinis on some flights. In fact, they are not only wearing bikinis, but they will also be dancing in bikinis. In 2012, the airline was fined in 2012 for hosting an onboard “mid-flight dance by bikini-clad beauty pageant contestants without first gaining permission.”

The truth is that having women in bikinis parading up and down the aisle would make me cringe with embarrassment and would also make my husband and son feel extremely uncomfortable. But we do not appear to be the norm. There are plenty of passengers who would specifically book seats on this airline for the chance to see such a show during their flight.

The result? Happy passengers and the owner who is a billionaire at just 47-years old.

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