Avoid! Which American Airline Stops Basic Economy From Bringing On A Carry On?

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If you are booking a basic economy or coach ticket in America, there is one airline that still restricts basic economy passengers from bringing a carry on bag onboard.

American Airlines basic economy fares used to prevent customers from bringing full-sized carry on bags onto the plane, but they removed that restriction on September 5.

Now you can fly basic economy and have a full-sized carry-on bag. The same goes for Delta. Southwest doesn’t even charge extra for two checked bags.

On American, basic economy customers without elite status or the airline’s co-brand credit card, board last which means that if you fall in this category and have a carry-on bag, you may get stuck having to gate check.

United Airlines remains the only carrier that still restricts basic economy customers from bringing a carry on bag on board (but there’s a loophole for that too, just bring a musical instrument case as your carry on).

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