Amazing British Airways Black Friday Deal! Business To NY Rtn 1009!


This is one of the best Black Friday deals I have seen. British Airways Black Friday transatlantic Business Class return for 1009GBP each. That’s 2018GBP for two return tickets (get it!).

Book by Monday 26th November, and you must book for 2 people to get the deal.

These two Club World seats for 2018GBP are not only for flights to New York! Other cities which are included are:

Las Vegas
New York
Abu Dhabi

Outbound flights must be between:

11th – 13th December
16th – 18th December
24th – 31st December
Return flights must be between:

24th December – 31st December
8th January – 10th January

I saw plenty of availability to New York flying out on 31st December (or before) and coming back 8-10th Jan. The only issue is that this is a very last minute booking and if you travel as a 3, your third person will be paying the full price.

However, if you travel as a two, this offer is simply amazing. You should also earn around 10320 Avios for the flight, which is worth around 100GBP by most people’s calculations along with a bonus of tier points.

Book directly on and grab the fare quick before it goes. If you want to fly at any other time of the year, don’t forget to contact our luxury travel concierge to get a quote before booking as we can offer cheaper Business Class flight prices.

We also offer free upgrades, free breakfasts and VIP benefits at luxury hotels so we can book you in somewhere nice with extra free benefits while you are away.

Upgrade To First

What IS interesting is that British Airways makes it really easy to upgrade to First Class. You can upgrade any paid Business Class ticket (even a discounted one) for a reasonable number of Avios, assuming there’s award availability.

Book this Business Class deal, then redeemed Avios to upgrade your flight from Business Class to First Class. Usually, this costs around 20,000-25,000 Avios and is worth doing. As far as I know, BA is the only major airline that lets you upgrade pretty much any discounted long-haul business class ticket.

Need To Collect Avios?

I travel on British Airways Avios for free accrued on by my FREE Amex Gold Card. Contact me for a referral which will get you 22,000 Amex bonus points, 2,000 more than the usual offering.

I convert my American Express Rewards directly to airline miles so that I can fly about exclusively on these.

The UK British Airways Amex Card is also a great way to collect Avios. You will receive 26,000 Avios if you spend 3,000 GBP in their first three months on the Premium card and a 2-4-1 free flight after spending 10k GBP. Our referral gets 1,000 more than the usual 25,000 and you can apply for this at the same time as these cards are unrelated in Amex’s eyes.

If you are US based and need points, a brilliant way to load up on a massive bonus of points is outlined in our easy guide.

I have flown with British Airways many times and have reviewed all my Business Class and long haul First Class flights.

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