Today Only! Incredible First And Business Class Sale For The Festive Season


If you want to get away for the festive season, Swiss and Lufthansa are offering amazing 2 for 1 offers over the holiday period.

These deals are some of the best prices I have seen for first and business class, but the best prices require you to travel as a two, which is a pain for me, as I always fly as a three (with my son and husband).

If you can book for two, this is the deal of the month! These flights depart from Italy, so it is probably worth using points or a cheap flight to fly over to Rome, Milan or any of the below cities, which will then enable you to fly to Asia for a steal.

If you are US based and need points, a brilliant way to load up on a massive bonus of points is outlined in our easy guide.

In the UK, American Express Rewards convert directly to airline miles. The FREE Amex Gold Card is an incredible deal with a huge free bonus of Membership Rewards which convert directly to Avios. For the UK card, you will need to drop me an email for a link to get extra 2,000 referral bonus points.

Swiss & Lufthansa Business Prices:
€980 business to Delhi round trip.
€980 business to Mumbai round trip.
€1199 business to Bangkok round trip.
€1199 business to Hong Kong round trip.
€1275 business to Johannesburg round trip.

Swiss & Lufthansa First Prices:
€1799 first to Dubai round trip.
€1999 first to Bangkok round trip.
€1999 first to Nairobi round trip.
€2399 first to Singapore round trip.
€2499 first to Hong Kong round trip.
€2699 first to Sao Paulo round trip.
The Business & First Deal Dates

Book quick as deals as good as this tend to evaporate. Book by end of the day today October 26th, for travel between October 24th 2018, and December 31st, 2019. Your outbound flight must depart before September 30th, 2019.

Book on Lufthansa in Business and First or Swiss in Business.

Remember, if you are planning to book a First or Business Class flight or a luxury hotel, contact our luxury travel concierge to get a quote before booking. We offer free upgrades, free breakfasts, deals and special benefits.

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