The In-Flight Armrest Argument Solved Once And For All!


What do you do? You have the middle seat and both the passenger to your left and your right use the armrest to each side of you. You are left in a claustrophobic centre-seat conundrum. Can you kick up and demand an armrest? Do you have to put up and shut up? Thankfully Gary from view from the wing has been on the case and has a solution.

Gary believes that armrests in the middle should be allocated as follows:
A person of size gets armrest priority because there’s simply not much they can do about it. In most other cases the armrests in the middle both should go to the person in the middle seat. Both the passenger in the window and in the aisle get one arm rest. And the person in the middle gets first dibs on both.

This is because of space. Both the aisle seat passenger and the window seat passenger have the advantage of no one else to one side of them, and potentially space to lean into.

So there you go. If you are in the middle seat you have the right and should fight for your armrests!

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Jim Jefferies has a humorous take on this ongoing problem below!

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