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If you have a picture of paradise in your head, it may well be the view from Jiva Hill Resort. Just over the border from Switzerland, about 15 minutes drive from Geneva airport and about 30 minutes drive from Geneva itself, this luxury ski, golf and spa resort is in an awfully convenient location!


Jiva Hill Resort sits in an almost impossibly beautiful valley. To one side, tree-lined mountains rise up so high that you can hardly see the top. On the other, acres of golf greens meander down to a pretty lake.

If you are into science, Jiva Hill is very close to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. In fact, if you are arriving from the airport on the Swiss side (or arriving from Lake Geneva for that matter) you are likely to drive past the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation on the way to Jiva Hill. This spherical building, 27 metres high and 40 metres in diameter, is about the size of the dome of Saint Peter’s in Rome and is a symbol of Planet Earth. Its “Universe of Particles” exhibition is spectacular and takes the visitor on a journey deep into the world of particles and back to the Big Bang.

Style & Character

The entrance to Jiva Hill Resort is impressive. A beautifully manicured driveway surrounded by golf greens zig zags up a hill to eventually reach a modern reception area. Outside, infinity-style water features give the arrival area a Zen feel. The architecture of the surrounding buildings also evokes calm and have been sympathetically designed to fit with the scenery. In fact, the entire entourage of low-rise buildings that house Jiva Hill are clad in natural stone and woods to make them feel part of the landscape.

Service & Facilities

The reception area is light, airy and modern. Beyond the reception, an enormous entry hall leads to a bar on one side, with the pool twinkling through glass windows beyond, and on the other side, a brasserie-style restaurant (with really good wholesome brasserie food) which leads onto yet more gardens.

The pool is infinity in design with a hot tub in the corner. It never seemed full when we were there and seemed more a place for spa-goers to do a few lengths, post-treatment. To one end of the pool, large glass doors concertina back and opened up to a grassy sun trap packed with comfy loungers. An ideal place to catch some rays and warm up after your swim.

The fine dining restaurant, which was also the breakfast room, is in a separate building from the hotel, just across from the reception. The staff here are extremely enthusiastic, but the highlight of this building is its view down to the lake. I imagine that it must be magical to sit outside for a meal here mid-summer.

To the end of the entry hall is the spa reception area. I had a wonderful facial in the hotel spa, one of those ultrasonic firming facials that genuinely show a markable difference in your skin in just one treatment. I was thrilled with the results and would return to Jiva Hill for this treatment alone.


Rooms veer off in a T design from the main building to make the most of the views. The highlight is the enormous balcony, (or lawned terrace area if you are on the ground floor), where you could relax while your senses are gobbled up by the massive expanse of green mountains in front of you.

As you enter the ultra modern room, a toilet sits to one side of the doorway and a large case storage area can be found to the other side. The bed is situated in the middle of the room, looking up to the mountains. A massive bathroom to the left of the bed offers a double sink an extremely large shower and a stand-alone inviting bath right in the centre.


I felt Jiva Hill’s ski options deserved a separate section. This perfect little resort in the middle of the golf course is just minutes away from an array of ski slopes, in the nearby village of Crozet. Crozet ski lifts will give you access to 26 pistes and 30 km of skiing slopes. The elevation of the base is quite low and comparable lake Geneva, but if the sky has had a dump, Java Hill, being 15 minutes from Geneva Airport, is the perfect base for a last minute weekend ski break.

Final Thoughts

Whether you yearn to visit CERN, whether you are a golf fan, whether the weather dumps some snow on the Geneva region and you want a weekend ski break, or whether you simply want to return home looking 5 years younger thanks to a sonic spa treatment, Jiva Hill Resort has a huge amount to offer. And of course, the setting is simply magical!

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Jiva Hill Resort

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