I hate being ill. Unfortunately, the very nature of travel means that your body is subjected to large volumes of people in confined spaces. The ultimate germ-fest!

The result is coughs, colds, the flu and worse. In the last two years, I have been ill with the flu whilst on holiday not once but twice. These particular holidays were spent sweating in hotel bedclothes while my valiant husband battled through collecting medications for me and amusing my son. What a waste!

I therefore go out of my way to avoid colds. I have a flu jab religiously every year. When travelling through airports I always carry a hand sanitizer. I have wipes to wipe down my tray on the plane even though I have never ever seen anyone else doing this and feel somewhat embarrassed by my craziness.

When I arrive in a hotel room I thoroughly wipe the TV remote control, a know germ spot in hotel rooms and I am constantly washing my hands.

Unfortunately, the remote isn’t the only thing in a hotel that is rarely cleaned. The card keys themselves are filthy too. According to Reader’s Digest, many keys are “never disinfected, so they will have just as many germs on them as money does.

That’s a new one on me. Now I have to battle between my germ phobia vs horrific embarrassment. Do I get my antibacterial wipes out when the reception hands me my room key? My sane side says hold off and wash everything once I arrive in my hotel room. Then again, do I really want to spend another holiday bed bound?

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