Flight Attendant Charged With Stealing $5000 From Passenger Wallets


Which airline did this attendant work on? American with their itchy uniforms? British Airways with their shoddy Business Class? No! It was one of the rather superior staff on Emirates. I say superior as I have not had great experiences with Emirates staff myself. From their attitude as they push past me at the airport terminal, to the slow and careless service in Business Class on their A380, when they promise to return with a coffee and never do! Admittedly I have no complaints whatsoever about the service in First which has always been excellent.

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But I digress. This week an Emirates flight steward was now charged with stealing about US$5000 from Business Class passengers. Three brothers went to check on their older father during a flight from Bangkok to Dubai, and they later discovered missing money from their wallets.

“My brothers and I went to check on my father. When we returned to our seats, I discovered that Dh3,700 were missing from my wallet. My brothers also discovered that Dh14,800 in dollars and dirhams were missing from their wallets. We alerted the cabin supervisor who took us to the business class galley and took photos of the money that wasn’t stolen from our wallets. These had serial numbers that were in sequential order with the stolen banknotes. When the plane landed, police took our belongings to examine the fingerprints and they searched the plane, but the money wasn’t recovered,” he testified to prosecutors.

Police claim that the crew member’s fingerprints were on the wallets and that once confronted with that evidence he confessed, although he has pleaded not guilty.

Is there a moral to this story? Don’t leave your money in an obvious position on your seat or travel with minimal cash? Certainly, I rarely use cash anymore and favour paying for everything in my home country with my FREE Amex Gold Card. I convert my American Express Rewards convert directly to airline miles so that I can fly about exclusively on these.

Abroad I don’t use cash either- it frightens me to carry much cash about so again, I spend on my cards. Dh14,800 is $5,000. This is simply a crazy amount to carry about in your wallet.

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